How To Apply Wax

How To Apply Light and Dark Wax
Chick Paint Wax comes in both LIGHT and DARK

Chick Paint Wax and Sealer is a Carnauba and Beeswax Blend to clean, seal and protect your beautiful furniture.

I always recommend a good coat of Chick Paint Wax.  Remember the wax sets and seals the paint.  It is important to use very thin coats rather than one heavy coat of wax.  Apply the wax using a cloth or a brush, wipe off excess, allow to dry and then buff.  The more you buff the shinier the finish.

How To Apply The Wax   Using a Styrofoam plate, put a tablespoon or two of the wax on the Styrofoam plate and with a cloth or brush pull a small amount of the wax onto the cloth or brush.  I use a Styrofoam plate so not to contaminate the jar of wax.  To save yourself future agony, do not stick the paint brush in the original container.

For Example:  If you are painting something red, there will be red residue left in the wax.  When you paint your next item there will be red streaks in the wax.  So I cannot stress enough to use the Styrofoam plate method.  Always keep a lid on the jar of wax so it does not dry out.  Apply wax in the direction of the wood and do small sections at a time.  Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies, wipe on, wipe off, let dry and then buff.  It does not take much rubbing for the piece to become shiny.  You do not need to buff for a Matte Finish.

The wax is dry when it is no longer tacky to the touch, usually in a couple of hours.  Weather conditions may have an effect on drying time so take that into consideration.

If you are waxing a dresser, usually one coat of wax is enough for the sides, but I would recommend 2-3 thin coats on the top.  Allow the wax to dry between coats, and then buff.  The more you buff the shinier it gets.  If you want more of a Matte Finish, do not buff.

Do not wax if the piece is going to be used outdoors.


Always use a thin coat of wax.  I cannot stress that enough!
If you use too much wax the finish will have a tacky feel.  If this happens try to buff again first.  If that fails and it is still tacky to the touch then the only way to remedy this is to wipe the piece down with a cloth dampened with Mineral Spirits.  After the piece is dry re-apply wax in a thin coat, allow to dry and then buff.  If that does not work the apply another coat of paint, then a very thin coat of wax, wipe off and buff.  Just remember that less is best.

Be sure to use a clean paint brush or cloth to apply the wax and a clean cloth to buff.

Brushes can be quite expensive but in the long run the better quality brush you use the better the end product will be.  As long as you take care of the brushes they should last forever.

I recommend you use a separate brush or cloth for the clear and a separate brush or cloth for the dark wax.

Always clean your brush in Mineral Spirits after using.  Pour about 1/4 cup Mineral Spirits in a plastic (Styrofoam) cup and allow the brush to set in the Mineral Spirits for a minute or so and wipe dry with a paper towel or you can clean the brush with lye soap, which is my preferred method.  Then stand it up to dry so the metal ring does not rust.

Be careful with your prize project.  After it is finished, there is a 21 day cure time for the paint and wax to harden.  Please be careful placing anything on the surface that might scratch it.  I recommend a placemat or protectors until the 21 days is up.  After that it should be fine.  Just do not expose it to any harsh products such as nail polish, polish remover, anything citrus or placing hot items on the furniture.

To maintain your table, just wipe with a damp cloth and buff.  You can always use a small amount of wax to wipe away any scuff marks.  Then use spray wax occasionally just like you would on your other fine furniture.


Chick Paint wax comes in light and dark wax.  Remember, the wax is what sets and hardens the paint.

Good lint-free option.  Great for wiping down surfaces and/or buffing.

Styrofoam plate and spoon.  Makes waxing so easy, and it is easier to control the amount of wax you get on the brush.